Place your carb-hungry toaster to the spot of the level you'd like to test without having to start from the beginning every time.
Sets the position, where character will spawn at the start of the level
Golden toast will spawn at this spot and mark the end of the level
Delicious slice of untoasted bread, which recharges jump energy of the toaster
Round obstacle to obstruct the way or bounce off
Delicious to humans, deadly dangerous obstacle to little toasters
Spiky fork which can move and has safe-to-pass handle
Jam pads throw toaster at the direction they're pointed at
Coffee allows toaster to catch a break and will boost the next jump. Best used near the difficult clusters of moving forks.

Object properties

Increase size of obstacles like bagels or donuts
Decrease size of obstacles like bagels or donuts
Rotate obstacle clockwise
Rotate counter-clockwise
Obstacle movement disabled
Movement set to rotate clockwise
Movement set to rotate counter-clockwise
Obstacle will move forward, then back
Obstacle will move back, then forward
Toggles delay of frames before obstacle movement will be activated

Editor controls

Play the level from the current position of the toaster. Reaching the end doesn't mark the level as valid the same way as testing does.
Stops playtesting and switches UI back to the editing
Play the level from the beginning. Reaching the end marks level as valid to be uploaded.
If level is tested as valid this will upload it to the cloud returning level ID you can share. Successful upload will clear the editor.
Manually saves your level to local draft file. Level is also saved when playing or testing.
Deletes all placed objects
Changes room width (Windows version)
Closes the editor